Prepless Dental Veneers

Are you looking to conceal gapped, discolored or chipped teeth without extensive dental treatments? If so, prepless veneers at our Walnut Ridge location might be the perfect solution for you. Prepless veneers are just like they sound. They require little to no removal of your enamel, preserving the natural integrity of your teeth. These ultra-thin shells of tooth-colored material are placed to the front of your teeth, effectively masking your blemishes.

One of the most significant advantages of prepless veneers is the noninvasive process. Unlike traditional veneers, which require reshaping and grinding down the tooth, prepless veneers preserve more of your natural tooth. This means a more comfortable procedure for you and potentially reversible treatment if desired in the future.

The process for prepless veneers is usually quicker and may not require anesthesia as there is less discomfort involved. The result? A more radiant and confident smile that still feels completely natural.

Think prepless veneers might be the right choice for you? Call Thayer Dental Care today at 417-264-7266 to schedule a consultation with our dentists, Dr. Samir Patel or Dr. Chyrelle Blount, and learn more about prepless veneers in Thayer, Missouri, and Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. We look forward to transforming your smile and self-confidence.