Prettau® Implant-Supported Bridges

Prettau® implant-supported bridges here at Thayer Dental Care are a fantastic way to replace several missing teeth. These are not your usual bridges — they are made from a unique material called Prettau zirconia. This material is very strong and looks just like real teeth.

For this treatment, our dentists will carefully place implants into your jawbone. Once they are safely integrated with the jawbone, Dr. Samir Patel or Dr. Chyrelle Blount will attach a Prettau bridge to them. These bridges are extra steady because they are held in place by the implants, not your other teeth.

What makes Prettau zirconia special? It is super tough, meaning it can handle all your biting and chewing. It is also really good at resisting chips, cracks and stains. Best of all, it looks so much like your real teeth.

One of the best things about Prettau implant-supported bridges is how comfortable they are. Because they are attached to implants, they feel more like your own teeth than regular dentures or bridges. Other benefits of these restorations include:

  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Improved oral health
  • Better comfort and stability
  • Low maintenance

If you have any questions about Prettau implant-supported bridges in Thayer, Missouri, and would like to schedule a consultation with our dentists, please call us at 417-264-7266.