Dental Lab Technology

At Thayer Dental Care, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise, efficient and superior results for our patients. From advanced scanners and powerful design software to high-performance milling units and 3D printers, our dental lab is equipped with the latest tools of the trade. With these technologies, we can deliver highly accurate restorations, customized prosthetics and streamlined treatment processes. Explore the impressive array of our dental lab technology below.

  • Medit Scanner: Powerful intraoral scanner that ensures precise digital impressions, enabling accurate treatment planning.
  • exocad: Advanced CAD/CAM software that enhances our ability to design custom restorations with utmost precision.
  • VITA VACUMAT® 6000 M: Furnace used for optimal firing and characterization of ceramic restorations, resulting in lifelike and durable outcomes.
  • Ivoclar Programat CS2: Furnace for firing and characterization of dental materials, ensuring superior aesthetics and functionality.
  • Zirkonzahn S900 ARTI Scanner: Scanner specifically designed for crafting precise restorations with exceptional fit and accuracy.
  • Zirkonzahn.Modellier: Specialized software for designing high-quality dental prosthetics, ensuring optimal form and function.
  • Zirkonzahn Milling Unit M1: High-performance milling unit that allows for efficient and accurate production of restorations.
  • DWX-52DCi Dry Mill: Milling machine used for the precise fabrication of dental restorations, delivering exceptional quality and fit.
  • MillBox: Advanced software that facilitates efficient management and design of dental restorations, streamlining the workflow.
  • SprintRay Pro 55S: State-of-the-art 3D printer that enables the production of precise dental models and surgical guides for optimal treatment outcomes.
  • SprintRay 95S: Advanced 3D printer that delivers high-quality dental restorations with exceptional detail and accuracy.
  • SprintRay ProCure 2: Post-curing unit used to ensure optimal curing of dental materials, enhancing their strength and durability.
  • SprintRay Cure: UV curing unit that efficiently polymerizes dental resins, resulting in durable and aesthetic restorations.
  • SprintRay Pro Wash: Automatic washing unit that ensures thorough cleaning of dental models, saving time and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Alienware m15 RTX 3070 Laptop: High-performance laptop that enables efficient design and processing tasks, ensuring seamless workflow.
  • Three Desktop Design PCs: Powerful desktop computers specifically tailored for intricate dental design work, enhancing productivity and accuracy.
  • InstaRisa: Intraoral scanner that captures precise digital impressions, improving treatment planning and outcomes.
  • Shining 3D Scanner: Scanning technology that enables the creation of accurate dental models for precise treatment planning and restorative work.
  • Two MSI Gaming Laptops: Portable and powerful laptops used for a range of dental design tasks, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

These state-of-the-art technologies empower us to provide you with exceptional dental restorations, precise treatment planning and superior outcomes. With our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge advancements, we ensure that you receive the highest standard of care and enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile. Give us a call today at 417-264-7266 to schedule a consultation with our dentists, Dr. Samir Patel or Dr. Chyrelle Blount, and learn more about dental technology in Thayer, Missouri.